'Sometime Last Night' We Caught Up With R5

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Okay, we didn't get to hang with R5 last night, but we did a couple weeks ago, and they proved why they our are newest baes, plus BFF. We're swooning over Ross, Riker, Rocky and Ellington, but more importantly, we want to be a part of Rydel's girl squad and attend one of her Instagram-famous tea parties. The band just released their sophomore album and embarked on their biggest headlining tour yet. And they're basically our latest obsession.

The group's new album Sometime Last Night takes R5 in a new direction from their previous release, Louder. It's giving us The 1975 and Maroon 5 vibes, and we're all about it. We sat down with the band to get the scoop on their new album and summer tour, plus find out who takes the longest to get ready, who sleeps in the latest and who's the hardest to keep track of. Check it out in the video above.

One of our favorite tracks on Sometime Last Night is "All Night." It's our current jam and we may have even listened to it five times in a row yesterday, because it's just that good. R5 recently released the music video for this song and it features some cool celebrity cameos. Check it out below.

For a complete list of R5's tour dates and tickets, go to www.r5rocks.com/tour.


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