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TGIF: 10 Gifs That Are so Friday

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  1. When you are half asleep, thinking it's Thursday and then realize, it's FRIDAY!
  2. But first, you have to go to school or work.
  3. You just want to finish the day so you can finally go home or out.
  4. When you think school is finally over and you just want to leave, but they tell you there's FIVE MINUTES LEFT
  5. When you FINALLY go home to watch Netflix by yourself
  6. Or you just hang out with your friends
  7. You go to a party with your friends and have a great time.
  8. Or you just watch Netflix all night because WHO CARES, IT'S FRIDAY!
  9. No matter if you go out or stay at home, no one can judge you for doing nothing because it's FRIDAY!
  10. Remember that it's Friday, Friday, GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY!
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