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Meet Your New Summer Jam: 'Cool for the Summer'

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Do you guys know what my new jam is? Demi Lovato's "Cool for the Summer." Her newest single is the hit of summer 2015. Ever since little Angela grew up on Barney, Demi's music grew up. Her sound changed with her. Her albums are like snowflakes.

When I first heard she had a single coming out, I knew that it wouldn't sound anything like her last one, "Neon Lights." "Cool for the Summer" definitely did not disappoint. I am so glad that she's making healthy and fun music to match her post-recovery lifestyle. I'm so glad she's finally found her sound. In fact, I think "Cool for the Summer" is kind of reminiscent to Hilary Duff's "Play With Fire" from the old days. But Demi is definitely not playing with fire with this sound. She's found the perfect one for her. I can't wait to hear the rest of her new sound and jam out with that as well.

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