This Video Will Make You Think Twice Before Hopping on Another Thrill Ride

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This is literally terrifying.

A 13-year-old boy and a family friend were all strapped in and waiting for the thrill ride "The Catapult" to launch, when the bungee cord snapped seconds before take-off.

In the video, family members are joking about signing the insurance waiver, the typical stuff you say to someone when they're going on a death-defying thrill ride, except that in this case, they literally escaped death by just a couple of seconds.

The boy's father recalled how he felt when he saw that cable snap with his son strapped in. "Disbelief," he told KARE 11. "Didn't think that just actually happened. And then second thing, was if they were OK."

As would be expected, his mother had a similar reaction. "I was numb," she told CBS. "You saw this cable and this metal piece coming at your son. And it was so fast. And you were expecting him to go in the air and all of a sudden everything was coming back at you."

Since the incident, the theme park has decided to remove the ride. "After further review, Mt. Olympus has required Casco Inc. the owner/operator of the Catapult ride to permanently cease operation of the ride and remove the ride from Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park," they said in a statement.

This will definitely make us think twice before we hop on another thrill ride...IF we ever do!


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