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I Can Breathe Easier Thanks to Sports

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Sports. They have been here since forever. There are a variety of sports you can choose from: swimming, basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, etc. But how do sports change our lives? They help us learn how teamwork works by teaching us patience, determination and how to strive.

For me, sports changed a big part of my life. You see, I have asthma - not the one you get once in a while. Mine is triggered by things, like when the weather change suddenly from hot to cold or when I laugh too much and didn't get enough air to circulate my lungs. When I cough, asthma will mix in to it, and most of it is triggered by lack of air, which is basically what asthma is (duh!).

So how did sports change it? Well, when I was in elementary, my mom enrolled my sister and me in a swimming class. It was my first time, so basically I drowned when one of the students dragged me with him when he was told to go to the other side. (Yay for me!) I was rescued and eventually learned how to swim. But while I was learning, when we would do exercises like bubbles and kicking, I would usually be the first one to come up since my lungs got tired and I have weak knees. But as time went on, my lungs got a bit stronger. I can hold my breath and kick a bit longer than usual. Today, I still have a hard time holding my breath underwater.

When I got older, I decided to try basketball. In my high school years, our P.E. would be sports; the first year was basketball. I was quite happy with it because I can definitely shoot hoops, but can I run that long? My lung-air capacity was tested that time. There were four teams, so we played, it got down to two teams - one of which I was a part of. We just played minutes before winning, and our coach told us that we would have a five-minute break before we would have to compete against the other team. I was panting really hard because I just ran like hell back and forth on a whole court without any practice before. The coach whistled again, which meant that we would start. We won, but I was gasping and panting. I had to drink a lot of water and lie down for a while to make my breathing even. Nobody knew that except for my friend!

Just a few days after graduating college, my lung capacity is tested again when my school held its first race. Like the Amazing Race, there was of course that involved running. I was injured, so it was a bit difficult. It was fun. The amazing thing was my lungs did not gave out, but my knees did. I couldn't run very fast. There was this challenge where we ran on a treadmill and burned 200 calories. I thought I could do it, but sadly, after the first 20 calories, my partner had to sub in. He ran the next 100-plus, then I subbed, ran for about 20 again, then he subbed. I might have only ran for 60 calories (sad).Flash forward to now. Same thing: basketball, swimming, weather. My lungs got a bit stronger, I guess. Swimming every summer did that and running here and there when needed to, especially since I had my ojt's and practicum in a kitchen, where lifting and pushing heavy stuff are needed. I get asthma attacks here and there, but I guess if I didn't try sports and you know be a potato couch, I think I was very weak up until now.

I think sports can be part of many people's lives, even just running for a block and back, gives you a bit of strength that you can do it, if you just put your mind to it.
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