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Fire Dye Is the Edgy Answer to Rainbow Hair Trends

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Betta fish. Sand art. Pastel rainbow hairs have become the next big thing. They are gorgeous, what with their luminescent colors and unicorn shine. But what if you're not into that little princess stuff? What if you want something a little more... um...sorceress-like?

Well, it looks like fire dye has been made just for little witches like us! The new hair trend starts with a dark red, moving into a normal one, followed by orange and yellow. It actually looks like the hair is on fire!

I'm still debating the whole coloring my hair thing, but if I did, I'd probably go with this one. We all knew if witches were real, I'd be one. Teehee. But for a preview for you, I decided to color my hair in a fun photo app! (No, it's not real.)

What do you think? Should I fire dye?
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