The Insanely Simple Way to Ask Out Your Crush

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Let's face it: Having a crush is both exciting and terrifying. He/she's cute, smart, charming and funny - definitely boyfriend or girlfriend material. While the prospect of getting to know the person you like is one of the coolest feelings ever, the fear of getting rejected often stops us from pursuing them. How does one navigate this tricky maze? Our Advice Muse, Tiffany Ferguson, knows the answer, and she's sharing her wisdom with all of us (thankfully, or else we would be clueless)!

Tiffany says that in her experience, being direct and honest is the best policy. It won't always work out in our favor, but it lets us cut through the B.S. and get straight to the point. There's a lot of dra-mah involved with dating, so this sounds like a good plan. See what else she has to say about asking out your crush and find out how she got together with her current boyfriend (SO cute)!

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