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Should Ariana Grande Have Apologized for Saying She Hates Americans?

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Many hope to have the American dream. I do. I live in the Philippines, which is, like, 12 hours ahead of America, and no where near what America is capable of. But even if there is a problem in your country, you cannot say something bad about it. Even if the Philippines has been branded of a corrupt country, I am still proud to be a citizen of it.

I am not a big fan of Ariana Grande, but I listen to her music and love her vocals. I have been grossed out by what she and her friend did when they licked the doughnut. It was very unsanitary, inappropriate and disgusting because the goods were freshly baked and could no longer be eaten because of what they did. When she said she hated America, even if it was to advocate for healthy eating (but yet a poor choice of words), it is still wrong to say it since she is an adult, an american and it's not going to win her any fans.

OK, so doughnuts are making people more obese, which is supposedly why she licked the doughnut (to keep us Americans from eating it), but why not just encourage her fans to eat healthier? She can work with Jamie Oliver, for example, since he has been fighting obesity in Generation Y for years. Since Ariana has many adoring fans, she can be a role model to them, instead of angering Americans by saying she hates them and spitting on their breakfast.
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