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'Teen Mom 2' Season Premiere Recap: Babies, Court and Dra-mah!

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Season 6 | Episode 1 | "Keep It Moving" | Aired July 9, 2015

Teen Mom OG may have just wrapped, but that was just a warm up for Teen Mom 2. There's no need to break the fourth wall or create drama between castmates here; these girls bring enough entertainment all on their own.

The episode opens with Kailyn who has one of the cutest babies I have ever seen. I mean seriously, look at that face!
But we hardly get to see Lincoln or Isaac because the majority of Kailyn's story line for this episode is just her fighting with husband Javi. Javi has agreed to go pick up Isaac from school, so that Kail can go to a concert with her friends until she gets a text message from a male friend, and he flips his lid. Correct me if I'm wrong, but last time I checked, Kail and Javi were married and not in high school, right? Like, come on man, your wife is allowed to have friends and a life outside your marriage! His attempt at compromise? Kail can go to the concert if she gives up all privacy and takes the passcode off her phone. What?!?!
It's obviously sad to see a couple fighting like this, but the real tragedy is that poor Kailyn had to miss out on a Sam Smith concert; I would not wish that on anyone.

Next up, we have new mom and occasional jailbird Jenelle Evans. Jenelle, at this point, seems surprisingly stable? She takes Jace to cut down a Christmas tree, Kaiser seems happy, and she's in school. Compared to the drama we've seen from Jenelle in the past, her story line in this episode is almost boring. Even when live-in boyfriend Nathan surprises her with a trip to the Virgin Islands, her reaction is subdued. Sure, she fights with her mom a few times, but at this point, I'm pretty sure that's just how they communicate.

Finally! It's time for Teen Mom 2 success story and fan favorite Chelsea. Girl has her life together. She's got a career, a well-adjusted daughter, and now she's left her deadbeat baby-daddy in the dust and her new boyfriend Cole is making his Teen Mom 2 debut.
I was skeptical of Chelsea's new boo (she did date Adam after all), but since he has her dad Randy's stamp of approval and Aubree seems to adore him, it looks like she's got a good one (and not bad to look at, either). Aubree's dad Adam continues to threaten Chelsea with a custody battle and can't understand why he can't have custody of his kids even though he's in and out of jail, not able to drive and unreliable but apparently he has a job and has been sober for 15 months, which is something, I guess. Adam has also filed for 50/50 custody of his other daughter Paislee. I'm not sure how Adam plans to take care of two children when he's so busy stalking ex-girlfriends and getting arrested, but I suppose it doesn't really matter since with his record, I would probably have a better chance of getting shared custody of Aubree than he does. Sh*t's about to get super real for Adam too because Chelsea and his other baby-mama Taylor are now teaming up in their custody cases against him, girl power!
Last but not least, we have Leah. If I'm being completely honest, watching Leah's story makes me anxious. She looks so strung out, her house looks messy, and there are always kids screaming in the background. In this episode, Jeremy walks out on dinner with her, Corey takes her to court for full custody, and her twins try to stab each other with pencils?
She wins custody of the girls, but she looks tired and overwhelmed for the whole episode. I kind of agree with Corey when he says that alternating weeks with the twins might be best for them, because honestly, I just think Leah needs a break and a nap.

This episode seems mostly to be a set up for the rest of the season. It looks like we'll be focusing on Kail's marriage problems, Leah's marriage and possible drug problem(?), Chelsea's court battle (fingers crossed we also see lots of her being happy with Cole), and I'm sure it's only a matter of time before Nathan and Jenelle unravel and one or both of them ends up in jail.
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