Family Caught in Riptide Saved by Selfie Stick (and Good Samaritan)

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Saved by the selfie stick! 16-year-old Erynn Johns and her dad Derrick were swimming in Nantucket this weekend and capturing it all on their GoPro camera with a selfie stick. But a day at the beach suddenly turned scary when they were caught in a powerful riptide.

Despite her dad being a former Marine and Erin being an athlete herself, they were both unable to swim in and kept getting pulled underwater by the strong current. As Erin got thrashed around by the waves, she held on tight to her selfie stick the entire time, which was secured around her wrist.

Erin's mom and a beachgoer were able to pull her out of the riptide by grabbing on to the selfie stick, and her dad was helped ashore by two lifeguards and a good samaritan. "I think if I hadn't have had that stick, and my dad being able to pull me back in, I would have drifted out way further," she said.

That footage was pretty frightening to watch...we're glad they're alright!

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