Should You Believe Those iPhone 6S Rumors?

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Since we first heard about the iPhone 6 leak by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, we've been geeking out over the rumored upgrades, including the new rose-gold color (!!!) and Apple's Force Touch technology, which already exists on the Apple Watch, MacBook and MacBook Pro with Retina display. What makes Force Touch so rad? The technology registers the intricacies of your finger on the screen, sensing more than just touch. We're also amped to hear whispers of a better front-facing camera for selfies that are always on point.

But these upgrades haven't been confirmed by Apple - like we said, they're just rumors. How much should you believe? We tapped into an industry expert, Sascha Segan, the lead mobile analyst at who has reviewed over 600 phones in 11 years - including every iPhone to date.

"In my experience, advance rumors about Apple products are highly contaminated," Sascha says. "They often involve a lot of features which have been tested and discarded by Apple, mistaken assumptions by suppliers, or just plain speculation and wishful thinking."

Before iOS lovers chalk this post up to one big sad face emoji, take heart in knowing that when Apple's next model releases, it's still going to be the hyped must-have phone on the market, with the majority of the latest apps, accessories and networks. If you're an Android fan, you may just have to get used to being second best.

Says Sascha: "The big issue with iOS versus Android isn't hardware. The little details of iPhone 6 vs. 6S are actually a bit of a smokescreen. What draws people to Apple's platform are Apple's software and services. That would be apps and social networks that are exclusive to Apple, or that come first to Apple; Apple's excellent service and support system with its Apple stores; and the community feeling of having an iPhone when your friends have iPhones, being able to share apps and tips with them. That's not going to change!

"While there are many excellent Android phones out there - and I'm an Android user myself - I don't see any huge game changers coming along in the next few months that will alter the balance of power."

There you have it, ladies. Don't get your hopes up, but expect there to be a lot of buzz around the new iPhone model, per usual.

We still might hold out for that super cute rose-gold phone, though.


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