8 Problems You Experience When You Rock Long Nails

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Bad-a** girls like Rihanna and Kylie Jenner make having long nails look so easy, but when it comes to rocking lengthy fingernails, there are long nail woes to keep in mind. Trust us, if you're accustomed to keeping your nails short and pristine, you might want to consider the following before jumping ship to nail tips and stiletto manicures.

Here's what it's like to go from short to long nails.

You Can't Stop Staring

Looking At Long NailsWhen you first go from short to long, all you'll want to do is look down at your hands. It'll be quite an obsession actually. "Are those my hands?" "I can't tell if I like them or not." So many thoughts.

Expect a Lot of Texting Errors

You thought you were a bad texter before. Well, what happens when your nails get in the way of your fingers? Autocorrect can't save you from long nails!

Forget About Using the Computer

You will literally have to learn how to type from scratch. Simple assignments will take forever.

Getting Dressed Sucks

Buttoning those already hard to get on jeans will become even more of a pain. Your fingers just don't work the way they used to.

Using Your Hands at All Sucks

Long Nails
Putting your contacts on, picking up a coin you dropped, fixing your hair, putting on eyelashes, scratching your eyes, eating popcorn... The list goes on.

You'll Do Weird Things With Your Hands

You still haven't gotten used to your nails, so you'll awkwardly show them off in ways you wouldn't before. Maybe you want everyone to experience your glammed out hands for themselves? Or perhaps you just don't know how to work your fingers anymore? Whatever it is, it's weird.

You Become Your Nails

You're starting to feel a bit normal with your long nails - you can now send a text without errors. With the added sass long nails give you, no one can tell you your nails aren't fab. As a matter of fact, you're just as great as your nails.

Long Nails, Don't Care

Don't worry, eventually you'll get used to your new nails. You'll wear them flawlessly and the haters will hate. But you won't care cause you look awesome no matter what.


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