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5 Reasons Why Taylor Swift's Speak Now Tour SLAYED

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I am a Taylor Swift tour veteran. I went to RED in July of 2013, and I'm very excited to be going to her 1989 World Tour this August! Although I had fun at RED and I know I'll love 1989, my favorite tour will forever be Speak Now. It was my first Taylor Swift concert, and the night we went, she blew me away. It was the last night of the entire tour, and I literally died when she came out, right then and there.

Of course I own the DVD, and I was watching the entire thing last night, four years later, and I just thought Wow, this tour was just FLAWLESS. It's the best one! Here are five reasons why the Speak Now World Tour slayed the existence of Swifties everywhere, including me.
Taylor Swift in Concert - New York

1. The Costumes

Say what you will about 1989's sparkly pantsuits, but the costumes for Speak Now were gorgeous beyond belief. Some of the costumes reside in Los Angeles at the Taylor Swift Grammy Museum Experience - which i'll be going to this August. My faves are the first and last dress she wore to sing the songs "Sparks Fly" and "Love Story." Each costume was unique and different, and fit each song like a glove.

2. The Stage

You can't have a flawless concert without an amazing stage, right? Lights flickered and sparks flew all around Taylor's giant stage, complete with a catwalk and a stage B, so she could reach her fans all the way in the back.

But she saved the best for last - during her last song, "Love Story," she got in a balcony and sang as she was carried around and above the entire stadium!

3. The Songs

I love her hit songs like "WANGBT," "Style" and "Shake it Off," but it's safe for me to say that the songs from Speak Now were some of the best she's ever written. "Sparks Fly," "Better than Revenge," "Haunted," "Last Kiss" and so many more -tbh "Long Live" still makes me cry.

4. The Guests

When I went to the show, the LAST thing I was expecting was guests! Nevertheless, Taylor brought out Selena Gomez (and I died again, #RIPME) and James Taylor, one of her favorite musicians. I can't wait to see who she brings to my 1989 show!
Playful Taylor

5. The Crowd

Fans ALWAYS go the extra mile for Taylor. When I went, I was screaming and crying and jumping and holding my little glow stick because I was beyond excited. So many people made signs, and there was never a silent moment in the show - not that there was in RED or 1989 either.

This was actually from the Fearless Tour (2009), but you get the idea.

Mentally stuck in the Speak Now era, forever and always.
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