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Your Mission: Support Your Local Bookstores

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I went into one of my favorite secondhand bookstores in May, and I still remember the sound of my heartbreaking. Why? The owner had told me she was closing down. The only silver lining I had was my favorite secondhand bookstore, which is just a 10-minute drive away from my house.

I drove over to that store just after hearing about the other one. I get along really well with the girl who owns the place, and we discussed the one that was closing down as I picked out a couple of books to buy from her. I follow her on Facebook, and she posted a new status last week. Now my heart truly is breaking. Her doors are closing as well. I only have until September to get as many books as possible from her.

I live in Mobile, Ala. After Lynn closes her doors, other than Wal-Mart and Target, we will only have one store to buy books. That's a Book-a-Million in West Mobile. Our second BAM closed last year, and all of our other chain book stores have been closing in the past 10 years.

I know we're all getting into books on Kindle and other e-readers, but nothing beats the smell of a paperback book. The smell of walking into a bookstore or a library is my favorite ever. I even fell asleep in the library the other day.

The only way we're going to keep our bookstores running, especially our secondhand stores, is if we get up off of our computers and walk inside one of them. You can find good deals on used books that still look brand new, so why not do it?

I'm asking you today, to take just a little leap, and support your local bookstores.
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