The First Thing Kylie Jenner Plans to Do When She's "Legal"

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Kylie Jenner turns 18 next month and the reality star is getting pretty excited for her milestone birthday.

Along with the usual stuff, like being able to vote, get a tattoo, buy a lottery ticket (as if she needs to!) and the other things that sound way more exciting when you're 17.5 than when you're actually 18, she'll be doing some other cool stuff.

For starters, she'll be moving into her $2.7 million mansion. Not exactly the way most of us started out our 18th year of life, but hey, good for her!

A lot of people were also wondering if she would go public with 25-year-old rumored boyfriend Tyga, especially because they've been less shy about sharing their hangouts on social media as her 18th birthday approaches. She didn't mention that, but she did say that she has something else planned once she's "legal"...she wants to go on a vacation with her friends.

"When the first thing I want to do is maybe have like a birthday party and then maybe go on a trip with just my friends," she told E! News at the launch for her new hair extensions. "I'm legal, so I can go on a trip legally without a chaperone, so that'll be fun, just a girl trip."

Sounds fun! Can we come?

No? Ok, maybe next year...
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