5 Fashion Tips From 'Clueless' Costume Designer, Mona May

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Can you believe it's been 20 years since Clueless was released?

To celebrate the iconic movie's big anniversary, we were invited to an exclusive Q&A with the woman who mastered the classic fashionable outfits that we all still try to replicate today, Mona May. (Love her work? You can also see it in films like The Wedding Singer, Never Been Kissed and Enchanted.)

Mona told us how cray it was getting all the Clueless outfits together in 1995. After all, she did say the girls had 60 outfit changes, each! So of course we had to ask someone like her to share some of her biggest fashion tips. Take notes!

1: "Make sure you wear stuff that fits you."
Mona stressed about how important fitting is and we completely agree! How can it look good if it won't stay on?

2: "Show off your assets."
Know your body and what you're most comfortable with. If you love your legs Tay, don't be scared to show the world!

3: "Know your colors."
Just like knowing what you're comfortable with, you should know what colors work best on you! Darker? Lighter? Don't limit yourself to just solids either.

4: "Alterations"
If it doesn't fit, you can always get it altered. In fact, you probably should or else you'll end up pulling this J-Law move.

5: "The proper undergarments."
This one probably gets forgotten the most, but it's also the most simple. Sometimes the wrong underwear (or no underwear) can turn a fashion win into a faux pas in a flash.

But her last piece of advice is probably our favorite: "If you want to be in sweats, go for it. But if you want to dress up, think about it. Then maybe add the little touches, not that everyone has to be Cher. Balance it. A little bit of restraint and a little classiness is what we need in this day and age."

The 20th Anniversary Digital HD release is available on July 14th.


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