How to Deal When Your BFFs Relationship Is Messing With Your Friendship

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It finally happened: your best friend and the guy she was crushing on finally got together. It's exciting for her, and you're happy that she's with someone whom she really likes. In a perfect world, that would be the end of the discussion, but unfortunately, not every friendship works that way. If you're finding that your friendship has become strained since your pal changed her relationship status, you're not alone, and it doesn't mean it's the end of your friendship. Here are some situations that can happen when you're bud finds a bae and how to deal with them:

Your Friend Has Suddenly Gone MIA

No one likes feeling ditched, and it's easy to feel that way when the person you used to have Pretty Little Liars nights in with is now spending her Tuesdays snapchatting cute pics of her and her new guy. Don't give your friend too hard of a time if she suddenly has a little less of it for you - it comes with the territory of having a new person in her life, just like getting a part-time job or a tutor could. Of course, there's a major difference between a friend being slightly less available and her dropping you altogether, so if it's been weeks without a proper hangout session, don't be afraid to speak up about it. Don't accuse her of dropping you for a dude right off the bat - tell her that you miss your hangout sessions and ask if you guys could schedule some time for them, sans guy.

Your Friend Brings Her Boyfriend Everywhere

If you genuinely like her boyfriend but don't feel super comfortable sharing intimate secrets when he crashes your friend dates, ask your pal if it's cool for you two to do an activity with just you two or a couple of other close friends - if it's an intimate gathering, your friend shouldn't feel weird about asking her BF to stay home. If she doesn't get the hint, have an honest convo with her about how you're feeling.

Your Friend Spend Plenty Of Time With You... But She's Always Texting Her BF When She Does

It's annoying for anyone to be on their phone constantly when they're supposed to be spending quality time with the person actually in front of them. Set a good example and tell your friend that you're putting your phone away so that you can focus on your convo. If you're in a group, have everyone put their phones in one person's bag - the first one to reach for it has to buy the next round of pizza.

Your Friend Is Driving You Nuts With Boyfriend Drama

Your friend and her new guy have so much drama to deal with their lives should be a CW show. Unfortunately, you're also getting a little bit fed up with talking about it all the time. The next time your pal asks you to reread her boyfriend's "insane" text message, tell her you'd rather not get involved - clearly they need to work out whatever they're going through on their own, and you're not exactly well-equipped to give advice in this particular department.

You Like Your Friend's Boyfriend as More Than Just a Friend

If it's a mild crush, do yourself a favor and ignore it - and him - until it dies. You know deep down that your friendship is more important than something fleeting, and it's not worth going all Brooke Vs. Peyton over a guy your friend already has a relationship with. If you get the feeling that this crush might actually be requited... run. Do you really want to be with a guy who is willing to not only cheat on his girlfriend, but also ruin a friendship? If he's a true jerk, your friend will figure it out eventually.
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