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What Are the Hidden Gems in Your Hometown?

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My brother found a hidden gem in town. He works as a delivery driver, and he happened to have a delivery to a really cool shop. It's a barber shop, but it has tons of different instruments the customers can play and a really cool library of music books.

My brother took me there a couple of days after he found it, and I had the best time playing around while he got his hair cut. I had planned on finishing Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton while I waited for him, but that never happened. Instead, I messed around with the pianos, pretended I was Ashton Irwin on the drums and viewed their library. It was so much fun!

You never know what kind of gems are in your hometown. Heck, you could have a musical barber shop for all you know. You don't have to travel to find all the cool things, you know. Some of the coolest are where you live.

While it's still summer, you should totally go out and check up on all the places in your hometown that you never have before. You never know what you might find. And you'll probably have loads of fun.
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