People Help Save Beached Great White Shark in Cape Cod

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It's not that shocking to hear of shark sightings in the water, but can you imagine stumbling across one on land? That's exactly what happened to Cape Cod beachgoers who discovered a 7-foot great white shark stuck on a beach Monday afternoon. The young shark was apparently so hungry it tried to snack on a seagull and ended up beaching itself on a sandbar after jumping out of the water at low tide.

Surprised witnesses first thought it was dead, but then realized it was still living. They starting throwing buckets of water on it so it could still breathe and stay alive until rescuers showed up. "We felt really bad for it," one helper said. "It was just trying to get some food so we didn't want it to die."

But this shark story has a happy ending. Rescuers were able to return the male shark to the water and revive him. Hopefully he found something else to eat for dinner!

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