Kendall Jenner Sets the Record Straight About the 'Dangerous Driving' Snapchat

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Song is Take Ya Tights Off by Problem

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All right, we can all calm down. People everywhere were clearing the roads after Kendall Jenner showed up on one of Kylie Jenner's Snapchats appearing to drive with her leg out the window. Ok, they weren't really clearing the roads, but it WAS trending because everyone was like wtf?

And we were right there with everyone wondering what the actual eff? Who would do that while they were driving and why would they post a video knowing people were going to freak out - as they should.

Turns out, Kenny wasn't the one driving. Apparently, the video got reversed, which you can tell because some of the writing on the storefronts is backwards.

So, Kylie was the one driving and Kendall was in the passenger seat doin' her thing.

The 19-year-old took to Twitter to put us all on blast because we were all fooled by the video and to be honest, we're glad we were wrong on this one! "No hands and a leg out the window?! I know you guys think I am EXTREMELY talented but I'm not THAT talented people," she wrote.

Now, should Kylie have been filming Kendall with her phone while she was driving? That's a discussion for another day...

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