Finally! Performance Wear Goes Plus Size

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Superheros come in all shapes and sizes, and naturally, so do their uniforms. The Thing could never pull off Spiderman's onesie, for example, and Wonder Woman wouldn't dream of donning Black Widow's constricting jumpsuit.

Point is, even the most illustrious graphic novel doesn't try to pull off one-size-fits-all activewear. And, superhero or not, the need for exercise clothing that fits a wide array of shapes and sizes is real.

Micki Krimmel, a roller derby athlete and entrepreneur, wanted all women to feel like superheros when they hit the gym. So, she took to Kickstarter to launch Superfit Hero, a line of size-inclusive, superhero-themed activewear that runs from size XS to 3XL.

"There's this assumption that only smaller women are interested in high-performance garments. I know from experience that's simply not true," Micki said. "The average American woman wears a size 14."

Superfit Hero exceeded its financial goal of $35,000, which means a line of flatlock stitched, no slip, fast-drying Superfit Performance leggings is on its way. Choosing leggings as the launching piece was a no-brainer, Micki said, because they're such a key part of her own workout outfit.

Superfit Hero leggings"So many are sheer, or when you bend over they fall down all the time. I really wanted to make a pair of leggings that makes [women] feel confident," she said.

If the campaign breaks $100,000, Micki plans to expand the line with shorts, tops and a headband.

Each new collection will tell the stories of different women in the Superfit Hero community, too, with the Angel City Derby Girls starring in the first narrative. Inspiring women to be their own heroes, whether they're just going for a jog, doing yoga or competing in roller derby, was imperative.

It's so important to remember that fitness is about being healthy, not looking a certain way to others, she said.

Superfit Hero"There's a whole group of women sick of being told they're not good enough or young enough," Micki said. "What motivates people is small progress every day and feeling like you're getting better at something – not unattainable images of bodies in magazines."

To learn more about the league of Superfit Heroes, check out the video below!


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