13 Looks That Absolutely KILLED It at San Diego Comic-Con

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ICYMI, San Diego Comic-Con International was last weekend - and as usual, the event drew hundreds of thousands of the most jaw-droppingly talented cosplayers to the San Diego Convention Center. There's cosplay and then there's cosplay, and let's just say that these killer looks that flooded the #SDCC15 hashtag on Instagram were definitely the latter. Keep scrolling, and get ready to be amazed at these cosplay looks that took SDCC to the next level. 

This cosplayer looked super sweet as Vanellope Von Schweetz from Wreck It Ralph and had an INSANELY adorable "Vanellope Kart" to match!

Wendy, Cinderella and Anna - basically, our Disney obsession come to life!

We're kind of freaking out over how spot-on these Adventure Time cosplayers got their Marceline the Vampire Queen and Princess Bubblegum looks to be.

Maybe it's just the face paint, but this cosplayer's Disgust from Inside Out look has us green with envy!

We can't decide which we're obsessed with more: this Raven's on-fleek purple hair or her gorgeous gemstone belt.

This "Chewies Angels" mashup of Chewbacca and Charlie's Angels basically has us laughing until our abs fall off!

Let's be real: Who wouldn't want to be a fairy for a day? This Tinkerbell and Rosetta duo totally killed it. 

This Psylocke totally nailed her look, right down to her purple thigh-high boots - not to mention she looks hot AF! 

Much psylocke very wow. Pic by @erikestrada #psylocke #marvel #sdcc #cosplay #comiccon #xmen #purpleelektra #day2

A photo posted by Char Sinclair (@charcharsinclair) on

HER. HAIR. We definitely did a double take - this cosplayer is the perfect Merida!

This Poison Ivy's stilts take her cosplay to new heights (literally!). 


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