Daniel Radcliffe Receptionist Prank: Watch Daniel Totally Stressed on the Job

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What's it like for a celebrity to take on a regular office job for a day? Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe discovered that even an hour at an office's front desk isn't all that easy.

Daniel took on the challenge, filling in as a receptionist for NYLON magazine to prank the staff, but it looks like the joke was maybe on Dan. He did his best to perform at the front desk, where he got plenty of great reactions from passing staff and incoming visitors. But the pressure eventually got to him, because being clueless AF at a job pretty much sucks the most.

Daniel admitted, "It's the hardest thing I've ever done...Literally every person that passes through the door I'm thinking, don't need to come in here, don't need anything."

Joe Jonas stopped in to make things even harder on the struggling star. When Joe asks if he's new, Daniel says, "I'm very new and very s**t." Love. Him.

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