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I Don't Know Where I Belong, But It's Not Poland

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Have you ever wondered where you'd like to be? Or who you'd like to be? Not as a teenagers, but as a grown people. Are you still holding to your childhood dreams? Well, I am and I have to admit that it's the only thing giving me happiness. Dreams. My own imagined world, where no one can disturb me. The world with my own rules. Do you wanna know what world it is?

This is the world where people, the little and the big ones, know who Dominika is. They know that, no matter which part of world you are from, you have an equal right to live the way like all other people. Existing of language borders shouldn't blight chances to developing in music business or another trade. Unfortunatelly, we live in the world where, if you don't speak English, you fail. Sad, but true. Sometimes I laugh and say that I'd sell my soul to the devil to be in Taylor Swift's boots. Would I be good at it? To be honest, I have no idea. Because people decide, not me. They choose who will be the next idol or who will disappear.

I tried to record on YouTube, but I had barely 30 views and no feedback (like, "It's OK" or "You sing worse than my grandma"). I wrote blogs where I didn't want to pretend to be someone who I'm not. Here in Poland, there are a few people who achieved something that way. I can't achieve even that. Maybe I'm trying too hard? Maybe I'm too honest? Or maybe I'm aiming too high? I don't know what to do. Sometimes I take a lot of time to get up from bed. The truth is, I can't fight with myself. I can't leap over the wall.

I'd like you to know me. In the end, I'm the same as you. Maybe you're gonna help me find out which world I belong in. If I had to chose, I'd probably live in London or New York. But it can't be chosen. I was born in Poland. I'm not ashamed of it, but I feel it's not the place for me. I hope, someday, I'll be where I should be. I'll be able to talk to you, sing with you and change the world.

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