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Upgrade Your High School Bedroom to College Status

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Moving back home and feeling discouraged about your high school-era room? Living on your own for the first time and trying to gussy up your new bedroom without making a dent in your tiny paycheck? Pinterest has your back and has definitely helped me spruce up my space.

1. Chalkboards
This craft combines two easy DIY projects and has endless possibilities. It involves a simple wooden frame (available in multiple sizes at craft stores), modge podge (a crafting must-have - trust me, buy a jar and you'll find many ways to use it!) and chalkboard paint. Gather some collage materials like old planners (especially Lilly!), magazines, photographs or bits of scrapbooking paper, and use that frame as your canvas.

2. Coasters
Another minimal-effort craft. This time, use simple tiles (they cost less than a dollar each at art stores), and make eye-catching coasters that you can either display for decoration and break out when hosting friends. You could even modge podge over an old coaster if you have any!

3. Glass Lamp
This takes ambient lighting to the next level. I used a strand of Christmas lights from my old dorm room and an old vase from my basement and created a pretty desk lamp that looks nice all year round.

4. Jewelry Frames
An elegant way to keep track of your jewelry! I found this gold frame at a garage sale (it's old, so the vintage look comes free of charge!), and picked a bright color for the frame's backing that would pop. Then I screwed small nails from the family junk drawer into the backing and leaned against a wall for a great jewelry/decoration combo.

5. Floral Letters
You may think of faux flowers and cringe, but hear me out on this easy DIY. All you need are wooden letters (as few as one depending on your preferences), a bushel of faux flowers and glue (preferably hot glue, another crafting gem that you will use over and over again). Clump the flowers together in any way you choose and brighten up your room instantly.

6. Bulletin Board
This is a simple upgrade to your bulky brown childhood bulletin board. With as little as a yard of fabric and a stapler, you can make your calendars, mementos and photographs stand out even more.
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