How a Stuffed Minion Doll Helped Save a Little Girl's Life

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If you didn't already love Minions (you did, though, right?) this story will make it impossible NOT to love them.

Turns out, the adorable yellow characters who just want to do good and help everyone did exactly that when they helped save a little girl's life in Colorado this week.

When a 5-year-old fell out of a third story apartment window, she was holding a stuffed Minion toy, which helped cushion her fall. Despite falling a great distance, she suffered only a broken arm. Not ideal, but considering what could have happened, it's a pretty amazing outcome.

"Fortunately, when the child fell out of the window, she continued holding on to a stuffed 'Minion' teddy bear that is believed to have cushioned her fall," Colorado Springs police said in a statement, via the Denver Post. "The child was transported to a hospital and treated for a broken arm and later released."

The girl had been playing in her room at the time and the fall was ruled an accident.

We're sure she's hugging her Minion doll extra tight tonight.

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