Taylor Swift Sticks Up For Fan, Calls Out Tumblr Troll Like a Boss

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Dude, don't mess with Taylor Swift...or her fans. The singer totally blasted an online troll the other day after they posted a rude AF message to one of her Swifties.

Tay Tay proved her badass-ness when she fired back at a Tumblr troll who negatively replied to India Rose, a self-proclaimed "Swiftie since 2006."

"Why do you seem to think Taylor Swift loves you? She doesn't love you. You don't know her. Would you stop posting like she knows you or is actually reading it already, because she's not," the anonymous social media user posted. "It's probably not even her using her tumblr. So, please stop. Also, everyone seems to think you're pretty, don't they? well, I think you think you are with all your selfies. Your not," the anonymous writer posted.


India, whose Tumblr name is goodgirlwhoshopeful, responded, "why do people do this? :( Yes, she does. I have no proof, I know that, but I have to believe she does. She's been such an important part of my life for 9 years... I mean, I know I'm just silly little me, but... she has to. P.S. You mean *you're."

Taylor caught wind of this nonsense, and chose to publicly reply like a boss. "Trying to figure out if I'm more offended by the senseless negativity or the fact that he/she/it used the wrong form of 'you're. I doubt we will get apologies for either crime. We must now forget about this and keep groovin/using correct grammar."

And that's what you called getting owned by Taylor. Don't EFF with her fans!Taylor Swift's Tumblr response
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