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'Teen Mom 2' Episode 2 Recap: Drug Tests and a Proposal

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Season 6 | Episode 2 | "Shakedown" | Aired July 16, 2015

New week, new mama drama! This episode starts right where we left off with Kailyn and Javi. Last week, it looked like Kail was going to have to miss the Sam Smith concert, but we find out this week that this was not the case! Phew. Luckily Javi's sister talked some sense into him, and he agreed to drop Isaac off, so that Kailyn could go with her friends. Talking with her friends on the way to the concert, though, it really sounds like the couple could be heading for divorce because, understandably, Kailyn doesn't want her kids to view a toxic relationship as something to aspire to. I'm just glad that Kailyn gets some time away from the house to spend with her girlfriends.

That away time is short-lived because Javi meets them after the concert but at least him and Kailyn seem to be on relatively good terms. Kail is aware that the issue is not resolved however, and that it will only be brought up again the next time they fight, which sounds SUPER healthy. At the end of the episode, the two of them do sit down and have a real discussion on what they could do to fix some of their problems (in the middle of an indoor playground because of course that's where I have all my important discussions), so fingers crossed that works for them moving forward because when they are open and honest with each other Kailyn and Javi are really good together.
The last time we saw her, Leah was fighting baby-daddy Corey for custody of her twins and she won. However, the judge could change the custody agreement if Leah doesn't pass a drug test. Thankfully Leah does take some kid-free time to herself in this episode, and she seems way more relaxed and in control. Not much happens to Leah this week, and the episode is mostly her talking to different people about her concerns about the custody battle. Finally we get to the results of the drug test, and the lawyer spends about 15 minutes opening an envelope to make this the most dramatic, drawn-out reveal since American Idol. In the end, the results come back negative, so Leah gets to keep custody of her girls and that should also shut down the many haters that the poor girl gets online.
Next up, Chelsea: Cue the hair envy. This week, we get to see Aubrey's Christmas concert, which is adorable! There is only one slightly awkward moment when Adam has to meet Chelsea's new boyfriend Cole, but Cole is polite and holds Chelsea's hand throughout the whole ordeal while she looks extremely uncomfortable. He's a keeper.
Chelsea later goes to meet Adam's other baby-mama and new partner-in-crime Taylor as well as a lawyer because they both want to make sure that Adam does not get custody of their daughters. The lawyer is just as shocked as the rest of us that a guy with a 27-page criminal record - let that sink in for a second, 27 PAGES - thinks he can get 50/50 custody, so it doesn't seem like Chelsea or Taylor are going to have a problem keeping their girls. Chelsea and Taylor have come a long way. Last season, Chelsea wanted nothing to do with Taylor, and Taylor was firmly on Team Adam - but now they're kind of friends? In Chelsea's own words, "[Adam] is going to sh*t his pants [when] he finds out we're doing this."

Last but not least, Jenelle continues to do really well! This week, she and her boyfriend Nathan go on vacation and, for those of you keeping track, we've gone two whole episodes without seeing them fight at all! There is a little drama because it seems Jenelle's mom doesn't want her to see Jace and is straight up ignoring her phone calls, which is super mature and understandably very upsetting for Jenelle. Jenelle cheers up when they get to St. Thomas, and we find out that, surprise, Nathan's going to propose to Jenelle! I will hold my judgment on whether I think Nathan and Jenelle should get married. We'll just see how long the engagement lasts first. Nathan pops the question by announcing at top volume to an entire restaurant how much he loves Jenelle, which is romantic, I guess, but that much attention also sounds like my worst nightmare. Jenelle must like it though because she says yes!
I already can't wait for next week, I'm excited to see if Adam finds out that Chelsea and Taylor are teaming up on him and if Jenelle and Nathan can push their no fighting streak to three episodes! It seems that both Kailyn and Leah are having marriage issues though and that is significantly less fun to watch because although the drama is interesting, it's kind of sad to watch two people fight and drift apart especially when there are kids involved.
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