Here's Why Back Flipping at a Wedding Reception is the Worst Idea Ever

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Does a disastrous wedding reception have any bearing on a couple's marriage?
Well, in the case of these newlyweds whose groomsman completely destroyed their reception with a single backflip, we certainly hope not. Honestly, the only thing that could've made this wedding reception more headline-worthy is if Snooki served as their ordained minister.

So, back to the most ill-timed acrobatic stunt in history. In the ceremony footage, all is seemingly well as an overjoyed bridesmaid and groomsman boogie their way into the reception area. Unfortunately, a simple one-two step wasn't good enough for this flashy groomsman, who decides to back flip his way onto the dance floor. Sounds like a totally smooth move - except it wasn't. Instead of sticking his landing like a pro, he kicks the bridesmaid in the head, causing her to go crashing to the floor along with some nearby decorations. The situation escalates from bad to worse when he tries to help up the lady (whose body appears to be totally limp) and she falls face first onto the floor. And is it us or did this guy continue to dance after the fact?! Sheesh.

For this guy's sake, we're hoping this intricate choreography was a part of the newlywed's plan.

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