Watching This Man Buy Groceries For Unsuspecting Customers Will Make You Cry

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How many times have you found yourself throwing a total b*tch fit about the cost of groceries? If you somehow managed to spend $100, only to come home with a whole chicken, a box of Pop Tarts, some Lay's potato chips and a few bottles of water, fret not because someone out there feels your pain (and so do we).

One amazingly generous guy decided to fight back against the injustice that is paying a ton of money for groceries by performing one of the kindest deeds ever – surprising customers by paying for their food. Clearly this guy is the official god of groceries who deserves the Nicest Person of the Year award.

Most of the customers were in total shock as the man approached them, quickly paid for their goods and exited the store. One customer reveals that the random act of kindness was right on time because he'd recently been robbed at gunpoint. Another shopper breaks down crying when she realizes the guy just paid for her groceries – and after watching, you will too.

The most awesome thing about the good deed is that it instantly encouraged others to pay it forward. One woman who was gifted with free groceries tells the cashier, "I'll do it for the next person."

The gift-giving spirit is infectious and fortunately, it's spreading. Two weeks ago, a California man paid for six people's groceries and later donated money to a local food drive.

BRB, we're off to have a good, long ugly cry.

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