Taylor Swift So Didn't Like That Justin Bieber Faceswap Picture Miley Cyrus Posted

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Leave it to Taylor Swift to have the BEST response ever to that Justin Bieber faceswap picture Miley Cyrus posted on Instagram a few days ago. While the whole thing made us giggle, we SO knew Tay wouldn't be flattered...and boy, were we right!

Miley put up a picture of Justin and Taylor side-by-side...but with their faces swapped. "If you faceswap Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift they look like a cute, lesbian couple," the pic read.

Miley and her followers thought the whole thing was hilarious, and that she totally had a point...Tay Tay didn't. The "Shake It Off" singer responded with the best three words ever...

"Sending you love," she wrote as a comment on the picture. Ohhh, snap...

We aren't really sure where Tay was going with that, but we're assuming it's a your-humor-is-childish-and-you-need-help kind of remark. Or maybe she just really wanted to send her some love...

Pretty much everyone who saw Tay's comeback thought she was throwing some major shade. Of course, people started commenting like crazy, most of them literally sending Miley some love via Insta.

The twerking star hasn't responded to Taylor's comment...and you know she saw it. We have a feeling another T-Swiz photo will be appearing on Miley's social media soon. You know how Miles gets down. We're a bit scared...this could get messy!
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