This Instagram Account Is for Anyone Who Has Ever Been a Third Wheel

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Being a third wheel sucks. What sucks even more is that moment you realize that you ARE the third wheel, because it sounds like a simple calculation, but somehow it still kinda sneaks up on you. You're out bowling with your two BFFs, they steal a kiss and you have that epiphany where your brain is like...

We've pretty much all been there, though. Whether you're hanging out with a couple or even just your friends or siblings and two of them pair off leaving you in the dust.

The guy who made this Instagram account totally gets us. He's been there. In fact, he's still there, and he's giving us updates about his third wheel status in real time. Whenever his trio of BFFs goes out and he finds himself flying solo, he shares the moment with us so we can all feel his pain.

Sometimes you have to look hard to find him, but that just adds to the fun.

Don't worry, buddy, with a sense of humor like that, you won't be #ForeverAlone.

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