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Isn't it the worst when there is a storm and your power goes out? Whether it's snow or thunder and lightning, the weather can completely shut you out from the outside world. We need our phones to stay charged so we can get updates on when our power will come back on, call our friends and family to make sure they're OK, and of course, kill the next six hours until the power comes back, staring at everyone's Instagrams of the pouring rain or their dog playing outside in the snow.

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This Kickstarter campaign can solve all of these problems. Meet the Candle Charger, an indoor generator built to charge your cell phone. Compact and easy to store and set up, the Candle Charger uses a can of jellied alcohol (think a can of Sterno) instead of an open flame to cause a thermodynamic affect, which generates the power to charge your phone.

Stower, the company that invented the Candle Charger, used the same method (different levels of temperature working to generate energy) with their preceding product, the FlameStower. The FlameStower was built to charge phones and other devices charged with a USB over an open flame. While the product was successful, Stower realized they needed to produce something much simpler and safer that people could use inside of their homes.

Why should you sponsor this Kickstarter? A normal generator will take almost twice the time to charge your phone, and the Candle Charger promises to fully charge two smartphones in just six hours. Plus, it's easy to use and can be stored pretty much anywhere. Check out the video for more details, and don't forget to check our their Kickstarter for more information and - of course – to donate.


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