Joseph Gordon-Levitt Will Play Mindy's Hubby on 'The Mindy Project' But Where is Danny?

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Spoiler alert, Mindy Project fans: Mindy Lahiri will be hitched to someone who is definitely not Danny when Season 4 premieres. The sitcom, which was cancelled by Fox in May, was picked up by online streaming service Hulu, but it's not just the media platform that will bring big changes to The Mindy Project. According to Buzzfeed, 500 Days of Summer star Joseph Gordon-Levitt will play Mindy's new husband when the show picks up again, which begs one question: what the heck happened to Mindy's surly-but-lovable boyfriend Danny?

Let's all take a breather, Mindy and Danny shippers: this dynamic duo isn't going anywhere. Joseph will be portraying Mindy's husband in the show's homage to the romantic comedy Sliding Doors, which showed the main character across two different parallel universes. Joseph will portray Matt, a Bravo producer (something Mindy should totally be if she decides to give up on the whole doctor thing) who is Mindy's husband in an "alternate reality" version of her life - one that is decidedly Danny-less.

I'm a big JGL fan, and while I like to think he could play a worthy husband to any of my favorite television stars, I'm thrilled that he's not going to play Mindy's real hubby when the series picks up again. Danny and Mindy are totally endgame, and I just know that this is the season when they'll finally make their love official and walk down the aisle.
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