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6 Mani Problems Only Girls Who Do Their Own Nails Have

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Doing your nails is something very common for girls all over the world. It's so nice to have your nails painted in a super cute summery shade, and don't even get me started on the darker colors - I mean, I'm a big fan of dark shades. I like deep purple and my all-time favorite nail polish color, black - you can NEVER go wrong with black.

Some people say painting your nails can help get rid of your stress... yeah right. Let's face it, unless you get your nails done by a pro, #thestruggleisreal.

Here are the top problems girls face when doing their own nails:

1. Which color?

First things first, you have to choose one color from your collection of a thousand nail polishes. You just own too many. Oh, the struggle.

2. It's goopy!

Great - the nail polish you chose seems to be from last century, because it's so old that it's gotten all goopy. We all know it's IMPOSSIBLE to paint your nails like that, just ask Lorde (I'm kidding, I loved her unique dip-dye nails at the Grammy's). What now?

56th GRAMMY Awards - Show
3. They take forever to dry!

Okay, so now that you have finally found a nail polish with the perfect consistency and painted each and every single one of your nails, you have to wait for them to dry - because we all know how ruined they can get if you even DARE to move a finger.

4. I need to pee!

I'm not the only one that ALWAYS has to pee right after painting her nails, right?

5. The dreaded... SECOND COAT.

Most of the time, the nail polish you use is way too sheer, so a second coat is a MUST. We also do it in hopes that our manicure will last longer - but let's face it, by the time you're on the second coat, you just want to be done with it already.

yup, Serena always gets me.

6. No matter how hard you try, your DIY designs will never look like they're supposed to. Ever.

Even if you follow step-by-step tutorials, your nails will NEVER look as fab as Katy Perry's.

I mean, her nails look like pizzas. Nobody can top that, hands down.

But, when you get it right you're like...

Show those nails off girl, that mani took a long time and effort.
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