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#BUILTBYGIRLS Vlog: Our First 2 Weeks on the Job as Cambio Interns

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Hi guys! Have you ever tried to film a vlog in a professional office? On the subway? On the streets of Manhattan? If you haven't, watch us, the 2015 #BUILTBYGIRLS interns, do all of the above (and look pretty fab while doing it).

As #BUILTBYGIRLS interns, we have the opportunity to work on the actual Cambio website and build new features.
Last year five interns in this program relaunched the Cambio site. We are here to continue their mission of empowering girls and revamping Cambio. We all participated in the Girls Who Code summer immersion program last summer and can't wait to bring our coding skills to the real world.

This experience has been crazy so far and we can't wait to bring you along with us!
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