19 Signs You're a Makeup Addict

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Makeup addicts unite! You're not alone in this world where Sephora is queen and high-end beauty products are a dream. Not sure you've officially joined MAA (Makeup Addicts Anonymous)? Just look at how full your muji makeup storage units are or take a look at our list below.

1. You have enough Beauty Insider Points from Sephora to give to a nation.

2. You're also subscribed to at least two beauty monthly subscription boxes.

3. A quick stop in the drugstore ends with you spending hours in the cosmetics section.

4. You've even spent your last dollar on a new product.

5. You hoard beauty products you have never worn but believe one day you will totally wear them.

6. You wouldn't dare leave the house without makeup on. A trip to the mailbox requires mascara and concealer.

7. You even have a beauty regimen before heading to the gym. Water bottle check, lip gloss check.

8. You're the go-to friend for all things makeup and hair. All your girls go to you first when they're trying for a new look.

9. Your friends always want to borrow your lipstick, and you hate it. If you could you'd make them sign a product release form.

10. When they don't return a product on time, you go postal.

11. You've stood in long lines in the store or online for a new beauty release.

12. Have scoured the Internet for limited edition products you can't find anywhere else.

13. You have multiples of your favorite product in case it ever goes out of stock.

14. You'll go up to a complete stranger and ask her what lipstick she's wearing because you're obsessed.

15. But chances are you already know the color because you can decipher every MAC lipstick shade on sight.

16. You have an IG selfie for every #flawless makeup look you take pride in.

17. When people ask you what lipstick you're wearing, chances are it's more than one shade, cause you're wearing MAC's Heroine AND Nars' Train Bleu.

18. You genuinely get joy from just putting on makeup.

19. And the way you feel when wearing makeup, there's just no high like it.


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