Our Love/Hate Relationship With Lipstick: A Story

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Sometimes, a girl just wants to wear a bright red lip to accentuate her outfit. Or, you know, just because it's a Tuesday and a girl wants to put on lipstick and dance in front of the mirror (don't judge til' you've tried it, ladies!). But with the perfectly-applied lipstick comes pain and suffering as well. OK, maybe that's a little dramatic; but y'all know what we mean. Achieving the perfectly-applied lip hue can be a pain. The struggle is real - but the results can also make us feel rad. Just like the way we hate-watch House Hunters, it's a love/hate situation here. You know what we mean.

When you see someone with perfect lipstick who makes it seem so easy to DIY:

beyonce lipstick gif

Then you try to apply it like a boss, but somehow this happens:

makeup fail amy schumer

So you spend a few hours on the internet looking up lipstick tutorials, feeling all:

frustrated computer girl

You !finally! get the look on fleek and go out the dinner with your gals, but you have to remember to eat food all dainty like:

britney spears eating cake like a princess

When you REALLY want to eat like this:
bill murray eating cake

And then you have to remember to reapply. But you go to the bathroom to do this because this is what goes down:
steve buscemi ghost world lipstick

But then you get to walk out bein' all like:

model strutting and winking

And at the end of it all, there's nothing quite as rewarding as getting to take it all off.

makeup removal amy schumer


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