Which Nickelodeon Star Does Rahart Adams Want to Meet?

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Let us help you put Rahart Adams on your radar.

The Australia native stars in Nickelodeon's Every Witch Way as Jax, a rebel wizard who can't help but to use his powers whenever he gets the chance. The 19-year-old actor may play the "bad boy" on the series, but Rahart is far from that in real life.

C: We are all about inspiration at Cambio! Do you remember what first inspired you to act?
RA: "I'm all about inspiration too! There wasn't a single actor or movie that inspired me alone, but more like a mix of both that inspired me to be a better actor. People like Hugh Jackman, Leonardo Dicaprio, Robert De Niro and many others really inspired me from a young age to have a more creative sense of performance."

C: Not too many actors seem to have a Plan B when they decide to pursue this career. Did you?
RA: "I'm not really sure to be honest; I'd definitely be doing something just as creative and fulfilling as acting. If I weren't an actor I'd probably be in my second year of university studying."

C: Ready for a tough one? If you could have any co-star with you in a movie, who would it be and why?
RA: "I couldn't say just one person. There are so many people out there who I'd love to co-star with for many many reasons; but right now If I ever got the chance to work with Hugh Jackman I'd be over the moon. I feel like he is the epitome of humbleness and hard work in the film industry and not only that, he is one of the most multi-talented performers I've ever seen."

C: Your Instagram game is on point! We love the vibe. How do you decide on what to post? Any Instagram secrets?
RA: "Oh thank you! Well I just take photos of my daily life with my camera and put them up on Instagram. It's pretty hard to post every day so I just post whenever I can, really. Nope, no secrets - just take photos and share!"

C: Have you gotten to meet any of the U.S. Nickelodeon stars yet? If not, who would you like to meet most?
RA: "I actually worked with Brec Bassinger earlier this year on Liar Liar Vampire in Canada. She's an absolute pleasure to work with! I've never met Avan Jogia before, he's seems like a really cool, laid back guy."

C: We heard you can cook a mean pasta and grilled cheese sandwich! Want to share your recipe? What is your favorite food?
RA: "Haha yes I can. Well my pasta's are usually very simple with minimal ingredients; less is more! My favourite food is pizza, without a doubt it's pizza."

C: There are a lot of young people trying to do what you get to do now. What is your advice for people who want to be actors?
RA: "Persist and persevere. This is something my dad taught me that has never failed me. So never stop inspiring yourself!"

You can watch the final season of Every Witch Way on Nickelodeon now.


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