Nick Jonas Finally Talks About Those Selena Gomez Dating Rumors

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So are they or aren't they? That's what everyone is dying to know about Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez these days after rumors recently started to swirl that they're dating.

Nick actually opened up about the former love birds' friendship now, and addressed the are-they-together talk during an interview with Capital FM. While we expected him to shut down the rumors completely, well...

When the interviewer named two possible "contenders" for Nick's heart, the first being Selena, he had quite the interesting response. "Obviously, you've been there before. And you did say on this show she's a great kisser," the radio host said, to which Nick admitted, "Yeah." The DJ added, "You've also been spotted out with her. People jump to conclusions."

Nick then went on to explain his accidental outing with Selena. "We kind of ran into each other a couple of weeks ago, like walking in Venice. We were both with separate groups of friends and we ran into each other," he said. "I put a dinner together with a bunch of really great people, like the Haim girls, who I love. They're awesome. They're the best. It was a big group of people and we all had a great time. We connect in that sense."

"It was nice to connect and just catch up," he added. "I'll leave it there!"

So who was the interviewers' second option for Nick? One of his collaborators, Tinashe.

"Her abs are probably as great as your abs," the host told Nick, and revealed that she once called Nick sexy but he was dating Olivia Culpo at the time.

"She's like, 'He's hot, but I would never even go there because he has a girlfriend, so you have to be respectful."

"She's dope," Nick said. "She's kinda like the homie. Does that make sense?"

"No, because that sounds like the side chick," the DJ said. "I don't like it. 'The homie.'"

Nick tried to explain himself, saying, "No, no. The homie. I don't know. Because we worked together and we're just friends, it feels like it's that. I wouldn't want to mess that up! I would want to be friends with her, I think."

Once again, Nick was asked bout the possibility of reuniting with Sel. "There's also lots of other options," he said. Listen to his interview, below.

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