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3 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About High School

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I graduated from high school five years ago. In Peru, you spend five years in high school - five years to learn basically about life and yourself. I mean, of course you learn about literature, math, art, history and so on, but according to my experience, you basically learn to trust in yourself, to build relationships and, of course, you learn about drama and how to deal with it.

Now that I think back to my time in high school, I can truly say I miss it and I love the time I spent there, but I still wish someone would have given me some advice.

1. Time Flies
I remember being a freshman and wondering what it would feel like to be a senior. I remember always thinking to myself I still had five more years, which is why I probably didn't realize time was passing and none of the days gone come back, ever. I just wish someone would have reminded me that.

2. Don't Worry, Drama ISN'T the End of the World
If I said there was no drama during my high school years, I'd be a total liar. Of course there was some friend drama, boy drama and certainly family drama. Now that I think back and see things in perspective, I would tell to my 14/15-year-old-self not to worry so much about issues going on in life because no matter how hard you try to avoid drama or to patch things up, you can only control yourself and no one else. With time, things will turn out fine and you do not have to spend your days worrying so much.

3. Don't be afraid to ask for help!

I think I was always kinda friendly, and I'm the type of friend who will be there no matter what. I can honestly say I am blessed to have found marvelous people who I can call friends, who are there for me when I need it. I was facing some tough times during high school because of family issues, and all I would do was deny it. I felt that I couldn't tell anybody, including my friends.

However, once I graduated, my BFF and I were somewhat roommates, and there was this one night when we talked about everything that was going on during high school. Just like I was having some trouble trying not to be depressed, she was having trouble, too. Then I realized both of us had been so busy pretending to be OK and not actually showing our emotions, so much so that we kind of lost ourselves in our inner battles.

That was when I realized she could have been there to help me if I would have let her know, and I could have been there to help her, too.

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