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7 Beauty Gurus You Need in Your Life ASAP

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How many hours a day do you spend watching makeup tutorials and OOTD videos on YouTube? Admit it, more than you can actually count.
Beauty gurus have changed the beauty industry - they basically taught me how to do a smokey eye and the PERFECT red lip. They are lifesavers!

We all know Michelle Phan - she even has her own makeup line! Does Bethany Mota ring a bell? This gorgeous guru is taking over the world with her clothing line at Aeropostale, her participation on Dancing With The Stars - she even released a single on iTunes!

We HAVE to talk about Ingrid Nilsen and her "coming out" video - I was in tears! She didn't only help girls by teaching them how to do their makeup, but she also inspired a lot of people to stay true to themselves! Another YouTuber who has stolen our hearts is Zoe Zugg, best known as Zoella, she's just beautiful - and her guinea pigs are the cutest thing I have ever seen!
There are many well known beauty gurus out there, but today, we decided to shine the spotlight on some gorgeous girls that have just caught our eye - trust me, you'll be hooked on their videos in no time.

1. Jackie Wyers

If you're tired of the same old OOTD videos, Jackie is for you. She just won life by combining the two things that us girls love the most - fashion and Taylor Swift.

2. Jill Cimorelli

I've been watching Jill's videos for a while now, and let me tell you - her back to school videos are the BEST on the Internet! Plus, she's so incredibly down to earth!

3. Tess Christine

Tess just moved to the big city of New York - and honestly, she's living the dream! This beauty is an expert in style-steal videos and her makeup is always on point! Check her out!

4. Meghan Rienks

Meghan is actually an actress based in the beautiful city of Los Angeles - and honestly, she's so freaking funny!

P.S - her Instagram pics are seriously #GOALS.

5. Kristee Vetter

Kristee, aka strawberryelectric48, always starts her videos with the phrase "hey girl, hey" - and that's just perfect.

6. Samantha Maria (beautycrush)

This London cutie has such a gorgeous style - and I swear she looks a little bit like Ashley Benson, what do you think?

7. Alex Centomo

This is the best way to describe Alex: goals, goals, GOALS.

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