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Everyone Has Experienced This Embarrassing Moment, Right?

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Everyone in the world has embarrassing moments in life, even the cool kids (no matter what Echosmith says). Hey, the celebs do, too - plus it's always broadcasted! And then there's me, a simple outcast with one-10th of a social life, but no biggie. There is absolutely NO WAY around them whatsoever.

My most embarrassing moment was on my first day at my new middle school. It was time for lunch, and I had just gotten my tray of food - spaghetti - and began to find a seat amongst tons of people I had absolutely no clue about.

However, as I walked by a table full of girls, one of them stood up quickly and turned around, her hand hitting my tray. My tray came up and dumped all over me, and spaghetti spilled ALL OVER my clothes and on the floor. Everyone in the cafeteria turned around to look, and then they began laughing.
I ended up having to go to the nurse's office - and on top of that, I was being escorted by the principal and a teacher since I had no idea where the office was. I had to walk all the way across campus with food all over me. At the nurse's office, I ended up getting a clean shirt and clean pants. Everyone knows that the clothes from the nurse's office are horrible. I left the nurse's office only to be laughed at by passing students because of the clothes and for the cafeteria incident.
ron swanson gifThis is just one embarrassing incident out of many in my life. Everyone has them, so relax and let the moments flow.

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