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5 Problems Only Girls With Long Hair Will Understand

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Ah, long hair. I'm personally a fan.

When I was little, my parents cut and kept my hair super short - and I mean REALLY short. I looked like a boy in my red Gap sweater and my gray sweatpants out in our driveway playing hockey. Sometimes I wish that my parents would have let my hair grow out, like all the other baby pictures that my friends show me.

Eventually, I took control of the way I looked and dressed. I made my mom stop buying the sparkly plaid shirts, GAP butterfly-embroidered jeans and the twinkle-toed Sketchers. I also got rid of my short and baby-ish bangs and began to grow them out, along with the rest of my hair. I've left my hair long ever since - it was the way all the other girls wore theirs, so I couldn't STAND to look at my short hair any longer.

I love my long hair - I like to brush it, straighten it and put it in a ponytail. But, in the case of most situations, where there is happiness, there is inconvenience. Here are five of the biggest problems girls with long hair face every day - can you relate?

1. After the Shower

People with short hair are lucky - after they get out of the shower, they can quickly dry and comb their hair out. If you have long hair, like me, you would know that unless you want to deal with a ratty and wet mess the following morning, you need to spend a solid 45 minutes drying, combing, blow drying and tying your hair. That's two episodes of OITNB down the drain. #thestruggleisreal
i feel you gif

2. You Have to Deal With Your Hair EVERY Morning

It's 7 a.m., and you have to go to school. You're already tired enough from staying up until 1 a.m. on Instagram and Tumblr, but you can't leave the house like a hobo. So, you begrudgingly grab a hairbrush and spend 20 minutes trying to get out the knots from the night before - no thanks.
ugh no thank you gif

3. Getting Your Hair Done Is Like Traveling to Singapore and Back

I once sat in a hair chair for six hours - SIX HOURS - just so I could get my hair straightened. If you just go to a regular salon, they take extra time to brush your hair, cut it, wash every inch, etc. It's time consuming AF! :/

aint nobody got time for that gif
4. Watch Your Clothing

It seems like every time I purchase something that has a zipper, I lose MANY hair strands. Whenever I go to zip up my jacket, my hair ALWAYS gets caught, and I spend more time than needed trying to pull it out without the hair detaching from my head - ugh!
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5. So Many Styles

Sure, options are great - usually. When you have long hair, the options are endless, which makes for a cloud of indecisiveness. Braids? Ponytail? Bun? Pigtails? Where do I even begin?
im confused gif ariana grande

Can you relate to one or more?
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