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Niall Horan Was Hanging Out With Selena - and Then Justin?

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Los Angeles never sleeps. You can always meet someone, and it's not gonna be your neighbor. Anyway, who'd like to meet the neighbor when you can run into Justin Bieber?! I think that was Niall Horan's plan when he hung out in L.A. with Justin - even Cody Simpson joined to their two-person team. But never mind.

What's wrong with meeting your friend? We all know that Niall and Justin are friends - perhaps they're not? I think in this cruel world of show business, there's no place for true friendships and relationships. Speaking of which, Justin wasn't the only company of the boy from Mullingar. Earlier, Niall had been seen with Selena Gomez.

We don't exactly know the current situation between Selena and Justin, but it's not cool for Niall to hit on his friend Justin's ex-girlfriend, especially without consequences.
selena gomez and niall horanIs there a connection between Selena and Niall? Don't worry; you don't have to hide in the corner and cry your eyes out. My friend enlightened me (seriously, I haven't noticed it!) that it's nothing more than a publicity stunt. It's fantastic advertising for every single one of them.

One Direction has been getting a lot of attention lately - Zayn's tweets to Naughty Boy, Louis' fatherhood (people, please), Liam's "engagement" and God knows what more, while Niall was sitting somewhere in peace.

But, the drama must go on.

Girls can't just sleep at night. Louis has a baby, Liam and Zayn are already taken, Harry is the most sought-after (obviously), so all we have is Niall - the only one we can long for, knowing he's available. It's not weird, but planting him a supposed girlfriend just escalates the heat and drama.
one direction gif
Yeah, there's no rest in One Direction fandom.

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