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Throwback Thursday: 6 Old School Man Crushes

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Remember when your mom used to swoon over those old films? That's probably because she was thinking of these old school babes! We've brought the best back and compared them to how they look today!

1. Dick Van Dyke
CBSYou might remember him from films like Mary Poppins or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Personally, he's my favorite blast from the past, and he still looks amazing!
U.S. Premiere of "Saving Mr. Banks" - ArrivalsHe's 89 now, but you can still catch him appearing in some movies and TV shows - and he'll always grace us with that brilliant smile!

2. Clint Eastwood

Diving Board
Wow. Talk about gorgeous! Clint Eastwood has done a range of flicks back in the day and even now! 87th Academy Awards - Fan Bleacher ArrivalsHe's now 85 years old and still working it!

3. Sean Connery
Sean ConneryConnery. Sean Connery. He may not have been the original James Bond, but he is probably the most memorable. This badass hottie has stolen the hearts of many, many moms, including mine.
Sean ConneryWrinkles even look good on the 84-year-old!

4. John Stamos
JOHN STAMOSOr as I like to call him: "The Hair." He's that stud from the old TV show Full House (which is finally coming back, thank the Lord!) He's a bit more modern than the last few but still just as gorgeous and deserving to be on this list.
2015 FOX Programming PresentationAnd yeah, at age 51, he's still stunning!

5. Matt Dillon
Portrait Of Matt DillonThis one might be my mom's favorite. He has been acting since he was in high school and still does lots of major films today.
Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 2He's also 51 and still gorgeous AF.

6. Johnny Depp
The 7th Annual IFP/West Independent Spirit AwardsDuh. This list would never be complete without our crazy ( and beautiful) Johnny!
Los Angeles Premiere of Lionsgate's "Mortdecai"Somehow, you know the guy - 52 and looking new (and so hot).

Who's your favorite from this list - what about your mom's? :)
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