I Rocked a Skirt Over Pants for a Day - Here's What Happened

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When the opportunity came for me to pick a wacky trend to rock around town and find out how people would react, I jumped at the chance. I've never really been one to hold back when it comes to clothes, and unlike in a fashion-loving, anything-goes city like Paris or New York, in my city of Raleigh, North Carolina, I've had my fair share of confused stares - might as well up the ante!

My trend of choice? The skirt-over-pants look. This formerly hated '90s throwback has been brought back by fashion icons from Kendall Jenner to Leandra Medine lately - and I chose the latter's Zara pictures series as the inspiration for my look. (I even had the exact same top on hand - nailed it!)
Personally, I loved the outfit the minute I put it on - and after wearing it around the house for an hour in the morning, I almost forgot about what I was wearing. Almost - then I left the house.

My first stop of the day? My favorite coffee shop - and that's where the fun began. The minute I walked in to grab my cup of joe, I was given a not-so-subtle up-and-down by one employee, something to the effect of:
I may or may not have had to hide my giggles just a bit.

After her initial glance, though, (OK, and a few more unmistakable looks of judgment from others) something funny happened - either the judgmental glances stopped or I simply stopped noticing what other people thought. (I was wearing two bottoms in 95 degree heat after all, so I'm guessing it was the latter.)

Whichever it was, there's something to be said for the way your confidence level can affect the way others see you. As I went about the rest of my day and made my subsequent Target run, I got more comfortable in my unusually-dressed skin, and people stopped staring and noticing - and when they did, I stopped caring.
Moral of the story? It doesn't really matter what you wear but how you wear it. That trend you've been wanting to try but are afraid you won't be able to pull off? Good news: I'm now fairly certain it's possible to rock a paper bag (editor's note: that may be her next story!) - all you need is killer enough confidence in your outfit to make everyone else think it's NBD.

Besides, if your outfit makes you feel like Beyonce, why should anyone else's opinion matter? If all else fails, just throw them some sass Miranda Priestly-style.


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