Cara Delevingne Nearly 'Dies By Bear' on Photo Shoot, Laughs It Off

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This brings new meaning to taking a fashion risk.

Remember those pics of Cara Delevingne posing with a black bear named Cody a while back? That was definitely a real bear, she was absolutely standing beside it and that was almost her last photo shoot.

While Cara was hanging out in the middle of a forest with the huge bear (NBD) and the rest of the crew for the shoot, Cody got a little too comfortable...and way too close. "We were all sitting there and the bear like put up it's paw," She told Seth Meyers on his late-night show Wednesday. "And they were like 'get out of the way!' and I was like 'it's fine,' and then it put it's arm down on me and I nearly got crushed."

Rather than freak out though (we would've run screaming out of the forest), Cara laughed the whole thing off. "If you die by bear, that's cool," she said with a laugh. "If I had that on my grave, I'd be like, 'yeah.'" Girl.

In addition to the bear's near-mauling, he was also very particular. Cara couldn't wear deodorant to the shoot or be on her period, because bears "can smell the blood," she said.

As it turns out though, Cara kind of has a thing for kicking it with wild animals. While she was on the show, Seth pulled out a mag cover of her with a massive tarantula sitting on her face. That time, there wasn't a long list of demands, and the critter was even cool with the whole period thing. "They're actually very understanding," she joked. "We spoke. It was nice. The tarantula was a nice one."
Speaking of being understanding, Cara was just that when a snake took a dump on her stomach years ago at her sixth birthday party – a story she was delighted to share with Seth as well.

If acting and modeling don't work out, this girl could make a killing as an animal whisperer.

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