Do You Actually Want the New iPod Touch?

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OK, it's been a hot minute since we've owned an iPod. TBH, we haven't even thought about the things since Apple announced last week that it would be updating the iPod Touch. So why would you think about buying one (besides channeling some retro-cool vibes)?

In addition to a slew of new shades - blue, pink, red, silver, space gray and gold - the new iPod Touch will feature an A8 chip, an upgrade from the previous A5, as well as jumping from a five-megapixel camera to the iPhone 6's much-loved eight-megapixel camera. Plus, the M8 coprocessor will also make it possible to track fitness achievements the way the iPhone 6 does.

Yeah, yeah, but what makes us want one of these iPhone wannabes?

Price, mainly. You can cop a 16 GB for a mere $199, so if storage isn't an issue and you can't afford a new phone right now (or aren't ready to upgrade), you can still get the cushy features of the iPhone 6 without plunking down $649 for it. But the 128 GB can cost up to $399, in which case...we'd probs just hold out for the iPhone.

The only problem is, the iPod Touch's new camera, which is supposedly the same as the one in the iPhone 6, doesn't seem to snap pics of the same quality. Gizmodo reports that "it seems clear that [the iPod Touch] has not been updated quite to match the iPhone 6." Apparently, equal megapixels does not mean equal image quality.

Will you hold out for the iPhone 6s, or are you ready to give the new iPod Touch a whirl?


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