Ruby Rose and Her Fiancée Are Too Adorable for Words

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When you have to pull over and just have your moment! @faircloth_supply

A video posted by Ruby Rose (@rubyrose) on

We all have a total girl crush on Ruby Rose, so when we heard that she was taken, there was that little wave of disappointment that swept across us. Then, we saw her and her fiancée together and these two are so adorbs, you can't help but be totally in love with their love.

Case in point, this video that Ruby posted on Instagram, where she and Phoebe (her fiancée, obvs) were cruising around when OMI's "Cheerleader" came on and they actually pulled over to have an impromptu dance sesh.

"When you have to pull over and just have your moment!" Ruby captioned our new favorite video. Because we all have a moment when that song comes on, but somehow they managed to totally capture the essence of the song and do it a hundred times better than anybody else.

Plus, the way Ruby looks at Phoebe in the middle of the video is kind of the sweetest thing we've ever seen.

And if that one video isn't enough to convince you that these two are actual relationship goals, here are a couple more arguments in their favor:

Here they are with a dog that they rescued who was at a shelter, about to be euthanized because of a condition she has where her back legs don't work perfectly. Phoebe and Ruby took her in and saved her life:

Saving the best for last, this one is our personal favorite. Phoebe was awake and bored on a recent flight and Ruby was sound asleep, so Phoebe decided to do something about it. How cute is it when Ruby catches her, but can't be annoyed because even she knows it's funny...
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